How it Works

Yoga Launch is a fully hosted monthly website service. We'll get you started using our New Site Setup ($299) or you can DIY for no upfront cost.

New Site Setup Overview

$299 $499

Limited Time Only
  • Site Planner

    Once you sign up you'll have access to our Website Planner in your dashboard. This will guide you step by step through everything we need.

  • We Build It

    After you complete the Planner, we get to work on your site. You'll have access to your website to check on progress.

  • Go Live

    Your new website is now live. 🙌 🎉 You'll be able to make changes and add content any time using our custom editing tools.

DIY Overview

No Setup Cost

  • Signup

    Signup for a DIY Launch or Pro Plan and get immediate access to your new website with no setup fee.

  • Build Out

    Start adding content using our easy to use editing tools complete with built-in documentation.

  • Go Live

    Congrats! Time to share your site with the world. 🙌 🎉

New Site Setup Service Details

We have to be specific with what we do to keep our New Site Setup service so affordable. You can expect a simple, clean website that works well on all devices. If you need different features, you may need a custom website.

  • Customization

    Colors, fonts, layout and a logo will be customized, or you can upload your own. We'll use your images or our Unsplash library.

  • Content Addition

    We'll add content for Home, About, Services, Weekly Schedule, and Contact pages. We'll also add up to 3 Blogs and Events.

  • Pro Plan Setup

    We'll setup your payment accounts, event registration, invoicing, and basic setup for one Online Course (course options and one lesson).

  • Managing Content

    You can create unlimited pages, events, blogs, and courses yourself before or after going live using our custom editor with built-in documentation.

  • Other Accounts

    Your social media, email marketing, and domain will all get integrated.

  • Ongoing Support

    We provide maintenance updates, daily backups and email support.

Frequently Asked Questions



What's included in my monthly fee?

Monthly fees include hosting, monthly maintenance updates, access to our resource library, and support in case anything goes wrong.

How does billing work?

You pay a one-time setup fee and then your credit card is automatically billed monthly for ongoing hosting and support until you choose to cancel.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel at any time within your Yoga Launch dashboard. Your website will be available until the end of the month.

Do you offer refunds?

If you're not happy with our service you can cancel anytime within your first 30 days for a refund of your monthly fee. If we have already built-out your site and you are still not happy with it after reasonably working together to revise it, refunds may be provided at our discretion only because of the nature of providing a hands-on service. If you're unsure if Yoga Launch would be a good fit, contact us for a pre-sales chat.


How long does the process take?

That partially depends on when you send us the content we need to build your site. Once we have everything, most sites are live within two weeks.

What will my domain name be?

You'll get a domain, but we encourage you to purchase your own domain name if you don't have one yet. We recommend since they are straightforward and fair. If or are taken, consider searching for a .yoga domain.

What if I have an existing site?

We offer migration services, but your content will need to fit into our framework. Contact us and we'll work with you to determine the best course of action.

How will I see my site's progress?

We'll setup a test site to check in on our progress and review before going live.

What does the customization process involve?

You can see the details section for a more in-depth answer, but our initial site launch customization includes:

  • A content planner to gather information we need
  • Adding your content to the site
  • Creating a custom color scheme
  • Creating a logo using our custom icon library
  • Creating custom layouts using a combination of your images and our own curated image gallery
  • Editing some content for clarity and SEO purposes

Will you create a logo and branding for me?

Our customization includes the creation of a color scheme and logo using our custom icon library. You can change this logo or upload your own at any time in your control panel.

Is this a template?

Our sites are based on our own custom-built template and page builder, all developed-in house. You won't find this template, the tools we offer, or the page builder anywhere else.


Can I get a custom email address @mydomainname?

Sure. We encourage our customers to use G Suite for custom email because it is reliable, cost-effective, and portable in case you switch website providers. You'll be able to purchase a custom email add-on after you sign up to have us configure it for you.

Can I setup streaming or Zoom classes with Yoga Launch?

Our events support Virtual locations with a place for you to add a Zoom link or other link. This way all paying registrants will automatically receive the meeting link in their confirmation email. We don't yet offer a membership-driven streaming solution.

Can my website do X Y or Z?

Our features are fairly set but do offer custom websites depending on availability. Reach out if you're unsure if Yoga Launch would be a good fit.

What do I need in order to accept payments online?

You will need a free Stripe account to take full advantage of all of the payment-related features. You can sign up for Stripe and review their fee structures here on their website.

What if I'm not a yoga teacher?

If you think the design and features we offer can benefit your online presence, it's all good by us!


What kind of support is offered with your plans?

If anything goes wrong just send us an email and we'll jump on the issue. 🤝 Additional customization services or adding new content is not covered under our support plan. We may be able to offer customization services billed at an hourly rate.

Will you add my content for me?

Review the Details section for details on what we content we add for you with our New Site Setup

How do I get help with my site?

Visit our support page and we'll get back to you within 24 hours during standard business hours.

What if I want to install plugins or add other functionality?

To keep our prices affordable, third-party plugins are not supported by our platform. We may be able to offer customization services on a case-by-case basis, or you can look at having a custom website built. It's best to just get in touch.

Still have questions? Let us know!

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